Hello. I’m Mailan from Manila. I’m a 20-something English instructor at a Philippine university and a writer for various trades. I am the force behind some of the Philippines’ viral content of 2k16 including that blue “To make patol is human” graphic and 27+ Definitive Signs We’re All Becoming a Tita.

Like most 20-somethings, I struggle with finding my life’s purpose, building a career, managing my finances, finding true love (*pukes*), and learning how to function as a proper adult.

I started blogging because a lot of changes were — and still are — happening in my life. First, I have reached a “milestone” age and have picked up real deep lessons along the way. Second, I’m trying to achieve something BIG in 2016, so I want to chronicle the whole process every step of the way while, at the same time, provide protips and valuable insights to everybody else who wants to take the same path after me.

Eventually, after getting relatively great traffic and positive reviews on my #adulting topics especially this one, I started seeing my blog as a probable “resource site” for fellow 20-somethings who are trying to werq this whole #adult thing out. As a response, I have launched a blog feature called ‘Something by 20-something’ where I interview fellow yuppies about what’s important to them, their lives in ~The Real World~, and their realizations along the way.

I want to meet like-minded people who promote the welfare and well-being of 20-somethings like I do. I am open to projects, collaborations, sponsorship, and blogging alliances for this cause and related ones.

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Follow me on fb.com/mailanfalculan and get my latest updates straight to your feed!

Noticed my references in my creative resume? Wanna check if your guesses are correct?

Answers are here. 🙂


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