My Favorite Things: July 2016

In the July 2016 edition of My Favorite Things, I talk about PIZZA, the three pizza places I visited last month, my favorite albums atm, and a great nonfic book about finding a job you love. My Favorite Things is a monthly linkup by Raisa and Eirene. Join us!

LIFE UPDATE: First, let me tell you that I’m in between jobs careers right now and life is treating me well. Second, this post is three days late from my self-imposed deadline because Pokemon GO was released in the Philippines on the same day, so I immediately plunged into the outside world to become the Very Best™ and neglected doing the last few touches on this post.

Anyways, here are the things that inspired and made me happy last month. I hope you had a happy July too. 🙂



July was the month of my crazy, self-destructive, and financially reckless love affair with pizza. Out of the many times I hung out with my different sets of friends last month, five of those I had over pizza. To be exact: 3x at Mr. Pizza (SM North & Glorietta), once at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza (Makati), and once at Bellini’s (Cubao).

Bellini’s Italian Restaurant has been a squad favorite mostly for their quattro formaggi (NOT in the photo). Me and my friends have never tried any other flavor because quattro formaggi is god’s perfect creation. If you’re wondering how it tastes, it’s like grilled cheese but it’s an open-face sandwich and it’s thin-crust. If ever that makes sense. We always slather our pizza with Bellini’s special chili oil because life is short and you gotta make the most out of it. Remember that.

If you’re craving for pizza, disclaimer: Mr. Pizza is a Korean brand so they don’t serve our typical American pizza. They serve Korean fusion flavors like bulgogi, dak galbi (spicy chicken), kimchi and bacon, etc and nothing is ~classic~ on their menu. Even their selection of crusts is unusual. There’s egg tart, ‘gold’ aka sweet potato, mocha bun, etc.

Twice I had Spicy Pork Bulgogi (1st time and 3rd time) at two different branches with two different people, and I must say that the taste and quality were different in each visit. The second time was really disappointing. It was late when I realized that it’s the same pizza that I had ordered from last time. (It tasted thaaaat different.) If I had known, I would have done something about it. In a ~nice~ and ~civilized~ way.

The flavor I truly, heartily enjoyed was their Seafood Island 2 with egg tart crust (pictured above), which I had during my second visit. Although I didn’t become a fan of the egg tart crust (coz its sweetness is like a blow of betrayal from the savory, greasy goodness of  R E AL  pizza), I really enjoyed Seafood Island 2 and I think it’s better than Spicy Pork Bulgogi. Seafood Island 2 is pricier too so, yeah, you get what you paid for.

If you’re visiting Mr. Pizza and haven’t tried their Oven Cheese Seafood & Kimchi Spaghetti, TRY IT. It’s really, really  G O O D. I’d kill to have a lifetime supply of it.

🖒🖒 for this pizza! #SMEGG 😊

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Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, hmm, it was okay. Nothing spectacular. Or perhaps we ordered the wrong pizza? We had SMEGG, one of their bestsellers so,  u h m . I also had pesto, which I thought was too oily for my taste, while my friend Kristel had Salted Egg pasta.

Salted Egg was The Bomb. It’s cream-based with bacon bits and other stuff, but had the coarse-ish texture of a salted egg’s yolk. And it wasn’t salty at all. Also, Gino’s serves red wine by half a bottle, so we’re good. I’d come back for their Salted Egg pasta and give their pizza another chance.


New Albums !!!

July was a good month for music too. I discovered two new great albums — Tegan and Sara’s Love You to Death (2016) and The Lumineers’ Cleopatra (2016). Regina Spektor has also come back with a new single ‘Bleeding Heart‘ and announced she’s releasing a new album in September after a three-year hiatus. Britney Spears is also coming back with a new album in August, so life is great again.

I like Tegan and Sara‘s new album much better than their Heartthrob (2013). Though ‘Closer‘ from their previous album is a real all-time standout, Love to Death (2016) is a great package that consists of twee, synth tunes with punch-in-the-gut lyric. Tear-jerkers include that of ‘Dying to Know’:

You’ve been on my mind again
I’ve been crying to all my friends
You hurt me bad, I wanna understand
Hit me back cause you owe me that
I keep telling this to my friends
Can’t let go of what’s in my head
You hurt me back, I wanna understand
Hit me back cause you owe me that
I’m dying to know
Is the one you ended up with everything you wanted?
I’m dying to know
I’m dying to know


Though I often caught myself absent-mindedly singing The Lumineers‘, ‘Ho Hey‘ back in 2012, I never had any attachment to the band until their recent album. I surprised myself coz I thought I’ve already outgrown folk. But ‘Ophelia‘ and their title track ‘Cleopatra’ are really good music. ‘Cleopatra’ especially speaks to me.

If you like folk, you should also try The Strumbellas’ ‘Spirits‘. And yeah, I take my music seriously.



So Good They Can’t Ignore You [BOOK]

FULL TITLE: So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport

Okay, that was a mouthful.

This is the best book I consumed / listened to on Blinkist, a educational app that allows you to read and listen to gists of nonfic, success books for four days, free. So Good They Can’t Ignore You is one of the the most popular books on the app, so that’s how I discovered it.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You goes against the “Follow your passion” principle, stressing out that our passions are, most of the time, not commercially viable and that, according to research, the things that make people happy with their work life have little to do with passion. The book then tells people that loving one’s job can be learned and this can be done by achieving “mastery, autonomy, and relatedness,” which are the things that make people happy with their jobs.

What I like about this book is Newport strove to be “scientific” by citing actual research done on the topic rather than citing singular, personal stories meant to prove a point. I found this book revolutionary because IT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE. It shattered my rosy-colored lens of the world that’s called “Follow your heart!!!” and instead laid down all the facts before me like a level-headed Satan.

However, I made a mistake of listening to this book before going to bed so it wrecked me bad until I got tired of my own wretchedness at ~4am. So if you’re gonna read / listen to this book, please don’t do it before bed. Just don’t.



33 things people who don't like going out always do, 27 definitive signs we're all becoming a tita, signs you're a homebody, signs you don't like going out, i don't like going out, i like to stay at home, philippines

My blog had to die a bit for the sins of my countrymen because of important national issues in the last three months aka Philippine National Elections 2016. Coz national issues > my blog . From weekly posts, my blog barely survived with one post per month. (This linkup.) So it’s GREAT to be back again with the inner peace and timing to write an original content after a very long while. If you can understand Filipino (Tagalog), read  33 Things That Are So True for People Who Are #ProudTeamBahay. Tell me if you can relate!


How about you? How was your July?

Any pizza recommendations?

Do you play Pokemon GO? 🙂


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  1. Good lord, that Pizzzaaaa!! And yep, I loved T&S’s new album too! It’s always super nice to meet someone who likes their tandem because too few people know their awesome music!


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