My Favorite Things: June 2016

In the June 2016 edition of My Favorite Things, I talk about the latest Cardcaptor Sakura sequel, my favorite indie band Autotelic, my students’ play The Iliad, a better motion sticker app than Snapchat, and my lazy weight loss diet that you can try today. My Favorite Things is a monthly linkup by Raisa and Eirene. Join us!


Cardcaptor Sakura – Clear Card Arc!!!

My Favorite Things, cardcaptor sakura sequel review, cardcaptor sakura clear card arc review, autotelic band review, snapchat alternative android, snow app review, lazy weight loss diet

 © CLAMP • Nakayoshi

So apparently, contrary to my statement in the previous MFT post, Cardcaptor Sakura‘s manga sequel was indeed published in June as promised. Scanlations of the first chapter was out on June 3, but we only found out about it on June 22. The actual publication of the new CCS wasn’t reported by any of the biggest English-language otaku sites, which was weird.

Anyway, I was so exhausted from work that day (June 22) and was close to giving up on life again (lol) when I read on Facebook that a friend’s reading the new CCS. Immediately fresh, hot blood pumped through my arteries and a renewed sense of purpose surged in me. I checked out the new chapter and, bursting forth with unadulterated fangirl joy, I alerted all my other CCS friends, and we all read the new chapter, and we all spazzed our puny little hearts out, and we all figuratively died of K I L I G (Tagalog, noun, “exhilaration caused by an exciting or romantic experience”; no English equivalent).

The CCS sequel is entitled Cardcaptor Sakura – Clear Card Arc, which is serialized in Nakayoshi, a monthly Japanese girls’ manga magazine. Clear Card Arc is currently in its second chapter. Scanlation updates on Jaimini’s Box and Mangafox are always every 3rd of the month. So if you grew up watching CCS like we did, join us in the fandom and let’s all figuratively die of kilig every month ❤


Autotelic Live!

My Favorite Things, cardcaptor sakura sequel review, cardcaptor sakura clear card arc review, autotelic band review, snapchat alternative android, snow app review, lazy weight loss diet

I was looking forward to seeing Autotelic play live (for the first time!! coz I hate crowds) at Fête dela Musique Philippines 2016 – Indie Stage, but things didn’t go our way (*side-eyes organizers*) so my friend and I ended up knocking back beers instead at a resto. Luckily, they’re set to play live again at a nearby mall the next day, so I went there and YAAAAAY GIGGLES!!!

I got a seat really close to the stage and I was singing and dancing (while seated lol) and beaming at them while they played their set. I must’ve looked like a total retard coz I got the attention of some of the members and they smiled back at me!! SQUEEEE HIHI ❤  Still, I wish the event allowed a more drunk-dancing kind of atmosphere coz I can really bust some killer moves after I’d downed a couple of mojitos.

Anyways, Autotelic is a really GREAT band and they’re quite popular in the PH indie community. You should check them out.


My students played The Iliad!

My Favorite Things, cardcaptor sakura sequel review, cardcaptor sakura clear card arc review, autotelic band review, snapchat alternative android, snow app review, lazy weight loss diet

My Favorite Things, cardcaptor sakura sequel review, cardcaptor sakura clear card arc review, autotelic band review, snapchat alternative android, snow app review, lazy weight loss diet

 © L. G. Abucay

I myself adapted the play, so I really looked forward to watching it staged. The result? It’s amateur of course, a class-level kind of production, but it’s hilarious and charming in its own way. My students really put in a lot of effort in it, and I was surprised that some of them can really act (READ: Cried on cue).

There were some, of course, who forgot their lines, lost their character, and laughed at themselves on stage, but I enjoyed how the dramatic parts alternated with the unintentionally comic parts. There wasn’t a dull moment. Even the gods favored my students because little miracles happened on stage (e.g. a makeshift arrow that’s shot and made contact like it’s supposed to, a spear that made contact as well).

Needless to say, I really enjoyed the show so I gave the whole class full points for their final project. Now, I pray to the gods that all the student pairs I ship may find favorable winds and sail already. I’m that kind of professor.


Got slightly addicted to motion stickers

I’ve been seeing snaps for years now (tysm, funny Internet) but Snapchat’s become popular in the Philippines just recently and it’s because of the filters / motions stickers.

I installed Snapchat early in June and I thought it’s something I could be “popular in” (lol), but Snapchat doesn’t like cheap Android phones like mine so it puts a green line on my video snaps to piss me off. Pfft. Their loss. I mean, look at this so much potential!!! *points at the video above*

If you love motion stickers like I do, try Snow (iOS/Android). It’s the Korean version of Snapchat but WAAAY BETTER. It has a bigger selection of motion stickers that are a lot cuter and cooler than Snapchat’s. You can be stuck for hours just trying them all on. The downside to Snow, however, is not many people use it. So there aren’t many people to follow except Korean stars, I think?? But I hope Snow expands and dominates Earth soon. It can really give Snapchat a run for its money, I tell you.


I’ve lost weight!

Sorry, I’ve no pics for show and I don’t know by how much either, but I can definitely fit in my old clothes now and my friends noticed the difference too! (And yeah, sometimes I put it in their mouths.)

Flashback to late February 2016, I wanted to lose weight with the most minimum effort possible. (READ: I don’t want to exercise because it’s hard work and I just can never build the habit lol.) So I focused on controlling my diet instead and to help me with that, I installed a calorie counter on my phone. The goal was 1590 calories a day.

Using a calorie counter, I controlled my daily calorie intake while at the same, learnt about different food’s nutritional value through the app. I learnt which food have, unexpectedly, high calorie content (“Looking at you, avocado, you traitor.”). I also learnt through research which food have high satiety value so I can eat a little amount of them, thus taking in fewer calories, and still feel full for hours.

If you’re curious about my meal plan, it’s:

  1. Don’t skip breakfast.
  2. Always eat a heavy breakfast. Load up on carbs.
  3. Eat half carbs for lunch.
  4. Don’t eat any carbs for dinner. That can be a fruit and lots of water and pray for the best lol.
  5. Low sugar. (No soda! No fast food!)
  6. Low sodium.
  7. Liquor > beer
  8. Allow cheat days.

So far, I’m loving the compliments and getting my sexy curves back, so I’m gonna keep my lazy weight loss diet. However, it seems like I’d really have to exercise now to ~tone~ my muscles. Belly fat is Satan.


How about you? How was your June? 🙂


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7 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: June 2016

    1. I remembered college. It was fun times, being a part of a play. I missed it! I kinda wish I actively participated in extra-curricular play back then. 🙂 Hope you’re successful in losing weight too! It’s kinda hard when there’s a lot of delicious food out there. 🙂


  1. I’ve never read Cardcaptor Sakura before but I will definitely keep that on my list. I love discovering new manga/anime.

    I’ve never read the Illiad before. I was forced to read the Odyssey during my freshman year of high school and I though it was pretty cool. I’ll definitely have to try and read it at some point.

    I love motion stickers! They’re so fun!


  2. Damn, I’m so glad you visited my blog, because I can finally declare that I am not the only adult who still goes nuts about Cardcaptor Sakura (and yes, I’m reading the Clear Cards Arc too hahahaha).

    I’m currently building (more like rebuilding) my old Sakura x Syaoran shrine using some unknown method. I’m currently blogging about it here. I kinda halted a bit because of art and Ruby on Rails class hahahaha. But I’ll eventually finish it. It’ll get there.


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