My Favorite Things: MAY 2016

In the May 2016 edition of My Favorite Things, I’m talking about nothing but A N I M E ! I’m sharing with you three titles from my anime watch list + a big fandom news for us ’90s kiddos. My Favorite Things is a monthly linkup by Raisa and Eirene. Join us!


The Month That Was

For the most part, May 2016 was just plain *grimaces* *rolls eyes* *loses will to live*. It was a mess and my prolonged mood slump got me worried about my own well-being. Thankfully, my mood started to pick up towards the end of the month — thanks to friends, their pep talks, and my financially reckless diet. I also indulged in some “diversions” which involved a lot of staying up late and watching anime. All in all, I failed as an adult in May.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 

And I’m baaack!! I started watching this two years ago while it’s still ongoing and I tried to follow it. However, its biweekly updates were so GAWD. DEM. HARD. to keep up with! So I dropped out mid-season of the Dark Kingdom arc and went on with my life. Last month, I got back around to watching it again and… Sailor Moon is absolutely as gripping + thrilling + magical as the first time I watched it 20 years ago! ❤

What’s more exciting is Crystal is now on the Infinity arc which is the best Sailor Moon arc ever!!! It’s the first arc where all the ten sailor soldiers are present (Haruka x Michiru!!!) and the ending is just E P I C, it broke me as a child!!! Unfortunately, I have to NOT watch the Infinity Arc yet because it’s still ongoing (Crystal Season 3) and frankly, my dear, I can’t deal with biweekly updates again turns out it’s updated weekly! But still it’s ongoing, so yeah.

In all this Sailor Moon fever, I discovered Sailor Moon Drops on Google Play which is a legit Sailor Moon game app created by Bandai. The game’s basically like Candy Crush but Sailor Moon-themed aka follows the Sailor Moon plot somehow. I played it for a while then uninstalled it later on because this kind of matchy-matchy puzzle games are not my thang.

Another Sailor Moon-themed thingy I discovered in May was MoonSticks which is a giggle-funny parody comic that mostly probes the irrational and inconsistent details in Sailor Moon. Too bad the artist doesn’t update regularly. I think she can make it big.

My third Moonie find was this Sailor Senshi Maker where you can dress up and create your own sailor soldier! If you’re like me who grew up inventing sailor characters and playing with paper dolls, you’ll looove this too. I know I did coz I stayed up late once perfecting my valiant and seductive sword-wielding senshi.


Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

This is a light high school comedy. The protagonist Tanaka is a very interesting character because he’s so, sooo lazy. He operates daily on “power-saving mode,” he naps multiple times a day, he trudges when he walks, and he always finds a way to get around tasks where he has to exert “too much” effort. His best friend Ohta, who’s Tanaka’s opposite, admires his “passion for listlessness” and is even supportive of him. They have a hilarious dynamics that will hook you up with the anime.

Tanaka is still in its first season which is ongoing. I watch Tanaka every weekend and so far, the story has gone off-tangent from Tanaka’s love life, which I kinda love/hate, and has introduced a sibling romance which is just plain bothersome and disgusting. I mean, most anime now have brother-sister romantic love like WATS WRONG WIT U JAPAN??!!

(Thoughts on this?)


Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

This is another light high school comedy. Unlike Tanaka who’s always listless, Sakamoto is an active and dependable high school student. He’s “Cool. Cooler. Coolest” and everything he does, no matter how mundane or embarrassing, he does in an unbelievably stylish manner. The humor is based on Sakamoto’s unconventional problem-solving skills and the overdramatic lengths with which he accomplishes his tasks — which obviously defy all logic and laws of physics.

Sakamoto‘s first season is also ongoing and I watch it on the weekend together with Tanaka. I’m not sure why I’m still watching it because, although the concept is good, it has no (overarching) plot at all. It’s more day-in-the-life story, which I find a great waste of great characterization. I hope the creator would do a story arc or something that viewers like me can follow.


BIG NEWS: Cardcaptor Sakura Manga Sequel To be Released in June 2016!!

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© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

Apparently, CCS is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, so CLAMP decided to pick up from where the story ended in 2000 and give us a whole new arc where we can take a look at the lives of Sakura, Syaoran, and the rest of the gang after the Sakura Card arc.

Finally we’re getting an update on Sakura and Syaoran’s romance, Touya and Yukito’s, and don’t forget Eriol and Teacher Mizuki’s. (I’m kinda hopeful that Eriol and Mizuki are having a baby??) And of course, because all the grade school characters graduate from Tomoeda in the Sakura Card arc, they all move on to junior high in the new sequel, which is pretty exciting. Can’t wait for… Wait. It’s June already. Where is it??


How about you? Do you like anime too? Any anime recommendations for me? Tell me in the comment box below. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: MAY 2016

  1. I identify with Tanaka hahaha! XD Sakamoto is on my anime watch list! It looks really good. I’ll start it once I have more free time. Overwatch has taken over my life lol.


  2. Madoka Magica is one that comes to mind ❤ Angel beats, The Devil is a part timer, Kaleido Star, Outlaw Star, xxxholic, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, haibane renmei, Lucky Star, and that's all I can think of XD


  3. About the only animes I can recommend to you are all the ones I liked in the 90s! My top ones are: Tekuu no Escaflowne, Madoking Granzort, Dodge Danpei, and Magic Knight Rayearth season 1. The ones I like later on are all shounen-ai, so I am not sure you’re into those ^^;


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