17 Reasons Why Tita-hood is Gonna be the Best Time of your Life

Scared of growing up into a tita and having all these changes happening to you? Surprisingly, there are a lot of upsides to becoming a grownup. Here’s my response to all the readers of my 27+ Definitive Signs We’re All Becoming a Tita who felt sadness, anxiety, and nostalgia when they’d realized they’re steadily growing up to become a full-blown adult. If this list can’t convince you to look at the upsides of becoming a tita, then I don’t know anymore. 😉

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1. Titas definitely know better than the “youths.”
We’re not easily swayed by hip ‘n cool, peer pressure, or our own raging hormones. We had our own share of disgusting + embarrassing decisions growing up, and now we’re wiser and more mature than ever before. We still make mistakes though like a proper human, but we’ve leveled up to making stupid, embarrassing decisions as an adult. LOL.

2. Titas don’t give a F.
We have become confident with our own person that we’re not easily embarrassed about our mistakes, needs, wants, and interests. We’ve come to realize that this isn’t (high) school anymore, and we don’t have to pretend to like what most people like. We have learned to embrace our own identity and to stand up for what truly makes us happy (kahit jeje ito).

3. Titas are responsible and self-motivated.
On our best days, we’re ambitious and career-driven. On our worst, at least we can keep ourselves alive. Haha! But when we’re serious, we’re H E L L A serious to get things done and deliver results — even by the holy power of a cuppa caffeine. (Or three.) We get a sense of fulfillment from being productive, and we do our best not to let down those who count on us.

4. Titas are self-reliant.
Tissue? Payong? Pamaypay? Nailcutter? We have it in our trusty Tita bag. We can foresee common needs and emergency situations, and we pack our tools accordingly ready to take on the world. We refuse to be stalled by petty inconveniences and we always take care of our needs. Who needs a knight in shining armor when you’re laging handa!

5. Titas are MUCH prettier.
Oh, clearer skin. More luscious hair. And bigger and better makeup and skincare! We may be skinnier when we were younger, but hey, we’re exponentially MORE beautiful now than ever before. C’mon, look at all those throwback photos from college! Titas are #nofilter

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6. Titas are more fashionable.
We set our own style and we wear it. We’ve become more confident with our body and we accentuate our best assets. We also know how to balance comfort, function, and style in one powerhouse OOTD!! Seriously, it should be considered a superpower. Now where to put that on the resume?

7. Titas can afford the fancier things in life
coz we have money on the bank. We can dine at posh restaurants if we want to, go on weekend getaways, buy the latest gadget, follow today’s hottest fashion trend, and lie on a bed of cold, hard cash All. Day. Long. Joke, mahirap kumita ng pera. Work, work, work~

(Ironically though…)

8. Titas are financially savvy
coz we now know how hard it is to earn a living. Now, we want to get the best value for our money and we’ve become unbelievably resourceful and practical. Great clothing find for the lowest price tag? Yep, we can make it happen. Cheapest grocery items? We shop there! Need single-serve sugar, ketchup, siopao sauce, or chopsticks? From fastfood to our fridge! Ilan kailangan mo?

9. Titas are health conscious.
Fastfood will always have a special place in our heart, but we now crave for lutong bahay for daily sustenance. For some reason, we can now feel our arteries clogging when we see food that’s glistening with mantika. We now make a conscious effort to make healthier food choices and try (Read: T R Y) to exercise regularly. #mature

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10. Titas know valuable life skills
like how to do the laundry, do pest control, find our way around, haggle in markets, see a doctor, and get what we want with just a little bit of charm *wink*. Seriously, we can be left to our own devices and we’ll survive. Throwback to the days when we clutched on mommy’s shirt when we strolled at the mall (and she ran into her amiga).

11. Titas are lifelong learners.
We continuously tap into our potential and hone our talents even long after we graduated from school. We always try something new (cooking, painting, crocheting, gardening, DIY and crafts), look for ways to improve, and take it to ourselves to pave the path to our own ~self-actualization~.

12. Titas are organized.
We’ve learned the incredible ~magic~ of keeping our spaces clean and all tidied up. We’ve even revised our spending priorities to include better decor, furniture, and appliances from department stores and homeware sale. Take note: that’s money we could’ve used to go all-night partying, yknow. But then, better sheets = better sleep

13. Titas have come to terms with their home life.
Goodbye to the days when we’re always out and about, hanging out with our friends. Now we’re all down for down times. We love being at home. We genuinely enjoy spending time with our family or just cooped up, doing our hobbies or indulging in sweet, glorious sleep. We fell so in love with our home life that friends find it hard to drag us out now.

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14. Titas have a healthier relationship with themselves.
Of course, we still suffer from anxiety and negative self-talk, but we have learned to be alone and truly enjoy being alone without feeling lonely. (Most of the time.) We now put aside “me time” from our busy schedule to nap for 5 hours (heh) -OR- go out, treat ourselves to a fancy meal, or just take in ~life~ as we go out for a long walk.

15. Titas have stronger friendships.
Time and circumstances have already tested the people around us. We now know which ones to keep and which ones to let go, so we have more time and love for the people we choose to keep. We may not see our (true) friends as frequently as before, but the bond just keeps on getting stronger. (Also, there’s a dedicated group chat for squad-pooled chismis, so we’re always updated on each other’s lives. And also, other people’s.)

16. Titas have a lot of love to give.
We’re super sweet and doting aunts to nephews, nieces, and godchildren, who btw may or may not be related to us by blood or christening. We’re in happy relationships with our family, friends, and (optional:) significant other — and we can still find it in our heart the love and time to care for a pet! Yes, we have busilak na puso.

17. Titas are the masters of their fate.
For the first time in forever, we’re F R E E-st to choose what to do with our life and how to live it. We don’t let our past dictate our future, nor do external forces like peer pressure, expectations, and norms. We haven’t figured out “everything” yet (contrary to popular belief) and life still scares us sometimes (most of the time), but we ALWAYS get by. We always do.

We’re women of beauty, grace, and passion. We’ll always find our way back to our path. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “17 Reasons Why Tita-hood is Gonna be the Best Time of your Life

  1. Reading this makes me realize how much of a tita I’ve become hahaha! But my life is so much better now than when I was younger. Definitely more confident and happier! 😀


  2. Okay, I cannot feel this tita thing yet as my nephews are still baby haha. I can’t wait to experience this tita-hood in the near future but I have a tita whom I consider as my real sister and she is always ready with her travel pouch whenever we go out. I have to agree with you that titas have a lot of love to give because my tita gave up her dorm and decided to move out to our house which is faraway from her work place so I can have a companion. My tita is also fashionable, she gives me tips on what to wear and what should I not though I can’t agree with you about my tita can afford fancier things in life because she’s still struggling on how to save her money lol but this is a great post!


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