My Favorite Things: MARCH 2016

In the March 2016 edition of My Favorite Things, I’m sharing my experience when my “Tita post” went viral, my LSS of the month, a great food find in Makati, a new nerdy game, and yet another material on living the zen life. My Favorite Things is a monthly linkup by Raisa and Eirene. Join us!



Towards the end of the term, instead of doing the roll call, I had an attendance sheet passed around for students to sign. It also had a “pop question” that they had to answer, so the students took more time doing the attendance. This is a”babysitting” technique I’ve learned to use to keep my students “behaved” and occupied while I’m working on something (e.g. editing their drafts in class).

In their last attendance sheet, I asked my World Lit students: “What song will you dedicate for me?” (Confession: I just wanted to get song recommendations heh.) Of course, there’s a slew of funny/witty answers and there are touching ones. However, a number of students in one section answered ‘Colors’ by Halsey.

I know Halsey for her ‘Ghost’ and ‘New Americana,’ but I haven’t heard this certain song. Intrigued, I checked it out later at home and, turned out, it’s the lyrics! (“Everything is blue~”) In the uni, passing grades appear in blue (in the computer system), so the song was actually a plea to pass. Haha! Nicely played!

In the end, I’ve come to love ‘Colors’. The MV’s beautiful too! Check it out in the video above.

Other songs that I loved this month are: ‘WILD’ by Troye Sivan and ‘Wild Things’ by Alessia Cara.



On March 11, I and Kristel went to Valero Eat Street at Robinsons Signa Designer Residences for dinner. There were a lot of food stalls selling “sosyal meryenda” (Php 150 on average), so it was hard to choose which ones to throw our money at. One stall that drew me in was this one that sold dumplings. The lady was calling on the crowd: “Try our pierogi. East Eurpoean dumplings!”

“Europe has dumplings?!” I and Kristel reacted in unison. Later on, I would discover that it was Polish dumplings, to be exact. But right then, I was sold. We got us a serving, 3 pieces for Php 120, one variant each, which felt kinda pricey for dumplings but when we tasted it, OMG IT WAS HANDS DOWN THE MOST DELICIOUS DUMPLINGS I EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE!!! There’s this one with filling that tasted like baked potatoes. There’s this other one that’s like chicken asado. And there’s this third one whose taste I can’t remember rn but I bet it’s really good!

Thank you, Babci Kuchnia, for coming to our lives. Now writing this made me crave for you. I have to find you and I. Will. Have. You.



I was THRILLED when I saw Science Kombat‘s promotional video on Facebook earlier in March. Seeing these eight “science legends” come alive and wield all these superpowers based on their scientific contributions made the nerdy kid in me flip out! I played the game on March 31 as soon as I got news that it was put up online. It was arcade style (I never played on an arcade before) with “Single Fight” and “Tournament” options. I stayed on “Single Fight” because I don’t want to emabarrass myself in front of other people by being a total noob. (Again, I never played on an arcade.)

All in all, it was wicked to see our revered textbook scientists go on a fist fight (with superpowers). Pythagoras is my favorite (although Tesla is a real mean mustached slayer)! I just find it difficult to do combo / advanced moves because I just press buttons randomly. Also, I get metacarpal pains on my left hand. Uhm?



I had been seeing posts on The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing on social media for quite a time, especially around New Year’s, but I only got around to clicking on it early in March. At that time, I was trying to recover from a nasty office meltdown (I was on the receiving end. Heh.) and I watched this video in the hopes of tidying up my life (aka whisking off my negative emotions). One thing I realized while watching this video was: “There’s such a job as an ‘organizing consultant’?!” (Ah, this month was full of surprises.)

According to Marie Kondo, tidying up is a mindset. If you change your mindset accordingly, you’ll never go back to being disorganized again. She never tells ‘how’ though in the video above, but she shares her step-by-step process in cleaning up a room and throwing away things ~properly~. Her method was a combination of practical sense and zen, which I found charmingly convincing. Watching the vid, I thought we can use the KonMari Method to sort out the people in our lives too. Lol. *wink*

In other news, I hope to finally find the energy to do a general cleaning in my room.



27 definitive signs we're all becoming a tita, mailan falculan

My “Tita post,” to this date, has had 90,000+ views,  10,000+ shares on Facebook, and 3,000+ votes on the poll in just 10 days!!

People must’ve thought I was having “the time of my life” when my post went viral. Possibly popping champagnes or having an elaborate pizza party nightout with my friends. Truth is, I was having a “hell week” at work when the post started to rack up stats in the thousands. Yes, it was unbelievable and I was so happy, but I couldn’t go full ecstatic because I was swamped with work, anxious and edgy, and just plain hell-bent on beating my deadlines. The day I got a record-breaking number of views in a day? I celebrated it by doing my laundry. At 9pm.

Still, I tried to squeeze in the time to thank friends who had congratulated me on Facebook, reply to everyone who had left comments on the post, and find everybody who had shared my post on FB and Twitter and interact with them. “I wouldn’t have done this without all of you! T H A N K  Y O U ❤ ”

Now that the school’s out, I can focus more on my blog and write. On April 4, after my last deadline, I sat down at this ~artisanal~ café, downed 2 glasses of ~artisanal~ iced kape, and ideated for the next few posts on my blog. (I still had more energy after that so I walked a lap around Ayala Triangle or else, I’d build a house from scratch). If all goes well to ~plan~ aka I’d write faster and become less obsessive at editing, exciting things will be happening in my blog in the next few weeks and I’m never missing a post day! To find out IF and WHEN this plan rolls out, Follow me on Facebook and stay updated. 🙂


How about you? How was your March? 🙂


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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: MARCH 2016

  1. You really have great things that happened to you this March and I congratulate you on the viral post you made. Im going to read it later! Omg I saw that game too on my Facebook news feed and I find it cool. I was wondering if it’s for free and where did you downloaded it? That dumpling looks delicious. Thanks for posting about Colors by Halsey gotta add this up on my playlist 😉


  2. Pierogis are awesome! I tried it a couple of years ago, and I was like you, “Europe has dumplings?!?!?!?!” My friend’s Polish, so he explained it to me, and I’m glad I was able to try some!

    Congrats on the viral post! 😀 It’s always nice to get exposure ^^


  3. I love pierogies yummmm. I usually just buy it frozen from the store since the handmade ones here are made with cheese (which my stomach hates). But yumm pierogies, I used to eat them loads when I was in university because they were cheap, fast and filling haha.

    Also, that’s a nifty way to get song recommendations! I tried out Halsey and Alessia Cara and liked their songs, just gotta listen to them more haha.

    Congratulations on your post becoming viral!


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