27+ Definitive Signs We’re All Becoming a Tita

Becoming a Tita is a lot like falling in love: “slowly, then all at once

Having inspired by my own shock, I listed down my, my friends’, and the Internet’s “coming-of-age” changes in an attempt to profile the typical ategirl slowly picking up Tita traits since college graduation*. Let’s see how many of these are true for you too.

(*Using ‘grams by my favorite it-girls’ squad for no apparent reason. Also, they’re my Tita pegs.)



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1. We wear “Tita Garb.”
Scarf, shawl, cardigan. Takot lamigin. Also, no more pkpk shorts of yester-college-years because looking “professional” is now a consideration when shopping for clothes. With our own money.

2. We carry a “Tita Bag”
— an oversized bag which contains almost everything we’ll ever need if a zombie apocalypse breaks out! There’s tissue, alcohol, payong, toothbrush, water bottle, pamaypay, bolpen, charger, candies, sanitary napkin… Kulang na lang ammo (ammunition).

3. We wear moisturizer and sunscreen
because we deeply understand the importance of these two formulas in every aging respectable woman’s beauty regimen. Also, it seems our skin’s getting drier and the sun’s getting harsher?? Extra Tita points if you use essential oil/s (COCONUT OIL!!!) to moisturize your skin.

4. We have gained the command of a “self-possessed” adult.
People now take us seriously when we complain, request, and ask. Wait lang, when did the clerks stop calling us “Miss” and started calling us “Ma’am”?! Also, chances are we have been handed out a brochure to a condo or car or something.

5. We have gained weight that’s HAAARD to shed.
Throwback to the payat days in college and we feel a kind of loathing/longing for our “sexier” bodies and wonder at which point after graduation have we started eating like pigs. Our metabolism has slowed down and we only grow horizontally. Dieting is hard lol.



6. We can now hold our own at government offices, business establishments, banks
when we have to fix our papers, make reservations, appointments, do business, etc. And yes, we have a number of valid IDs in our wallet to prove we’re adults. Remember when we used to ask our folks to help us with filling out forms? Yikes.

7. We now talk about “grownup” concerns
with our friends. Concerns such as work/life balance, finance, personal development, wellness. Especially sex+protection with a nonchalance similar to when we’re discussing what to wear. At one point, the sheepish giggling and hushed voices of the adolescent years disappeared.

8. We have picked up a “domesticated” hobby
that we totally enjoy! There’s cooking, baking, crocheting, gardening… And, oh! The other amigas are into their own “domesticated” stuff too! Sometimes we exchange “finished products” for goodwill. Also, pwedeng pang-gift.

9. We love getting organized.
And it’s gotten to an insane level of OC-ness that makes other people uncomfortable. What can we do? We can’t stand seeing clutter and dirt at all! We’ve actually gotten into trouble several times for calling out people for their untidy work spaces. Heh.

10. We ache in places we didn’t know exist!
Not referring to heartaches or that ‘other thing.’ But years back, no amount of physical activity caused us soreness. Now, our lower back hurts at the end of the day, our joints ache randomly (RAYUMA???), and we’re more prone to muscle cramps. Help?

11. We’re always in need of a nap.
We’re easily exhausted! And heavy meals weigh us down more quickly than before. Remember our mom and dad taking siesta after lunch? Yes, we’re becoming like them.

12. We don’t know many Internet things now.
We were the trendsetters! Now, we have to google the latest buzzwords and acronyms in Internet speak. OMG WTH BBQ.


Social Skills

13. We’re easily tired from being out, hanging out with friends.
It started as ‘us missing our beds before it’s even midnight’ to ‘us passing on an invite to hang because we’d rather stay in bed’ even on a weekend! We used to YOLO until the morning light. Anyare?

14. We crave for chismis.
We barely see our friends now (for one reason or another) so we have to know absolutely EVERYTHAAANG when we catch up! Usually at a café. Best if at salon or spa for maximum wellness and relaxation. And yes, we have to know the juiciest details and dialogs, complete with reenactment.

15. We refer to everyone younger “bata,” “kids,” “youths.”
We don’t get the youngins’ tastes and trends. Nineties is the best generation ever!! We had our outdoor games, Tagalized cartoons, anime, toys, video games… “Oh, look! A hottie! Oh no, he’s still in school!”

16. We easily get annoyed by NOISE.
Gaggles of teens and loud, obnoxious people? Don’t get us started. We can’t count the times we have rolled our eyes and shushed them in public. Also, the music in the club is louder these days. Can the DJ turn it down?

17. We’re a “mom” to a dog/cat/plant/critter
coz apparently, we’re now “responsible enough” to own and care for another living, breathing creature. Perhaps having something that depends on us for survival gives us “purpose”?? Oops.



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18. We look for soup and vegetables in our meal.
We can no longer subsist on rice and prito-prito alone. How did we do it when we’re younger?

19. We’ve become big fans of ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ everything
because health! Also, suddenly we’ve become sensitive to salty, sugary, fatty, processed foods. The mere thought of eating them already clogs our arteries.

20. We love cozy, semi-fancy restaurants!!
Jollibee and McDo will always have a special place in our hearts, but we have now developed a liking for restaurants with 300-peso meals and semi-fancy ambience. “Top 10 Restos in Places” are basically our bucket lists. Mostly because we can afford them now.

21. We keep the extra ketchup packets, single-serve sugar, creamer, siopao sauce, chopsticks, tissue, etc
for possible future use. Also, we ask the server to wrap our leftovers for takeout because it’s sayang and we paid for it and we can still eat it for n meals! Extra Tita points if you also take home all the freebies from every hotel room you stay in!

22. We drink coffee/tea regularly.
And it’s gotten to a point where we’ve become dependent on caffeine to be “productive” and awake and have a better digestion (and excretion). Have you noticed how we don’t like frappes anymore?

23. We’re thrilled when sale happens in the home and appliances section.
Hooray for 70% off on sheets and pillow cases and towels!! And yes, it would be nice to get a new washing machine and a microwave. Waiting for a friend at the mall? There’s a high chance we’re at Daiso or Japanese Home Centre, window-shopping and planning our future home’s decor.

24. We evaluate our purchases THOROUGHLY.
Price, quality, value, life span, reviews, pros, cons, compare, contrast. Gone are the days when we just dumped our items on the counter and our parents paid for everything. And, oh. Divisoria is Wonderland!


Other Info

25. We’re older than today’s popular love teams / celebrity sensations.
KathNiel, JaDine, AlDub, LizQuen, 1D, 5SOS, The Vamps, etc. Yep, we’re already fangirling over Jolens-Marvin, RicoYan-Claudine, and Wowee-Juday way before these youths came around.

26. We have a say on family matters now.
We have now found the voice to speak our mind and express our opinion on issues and concerns that involve the family. Our parents even consult with us sometimes. They listen.

27. We are pressured to find an S.O.
“May boyfriend ka na?” ―Mom, Dad, Tito, Tita, Lolo, Lola, mga kapitbahay

28. We don’t give a F anymore.
We’ve seen things, we did things, and we’ve lived a quarter of a lifetime on this planet already. We’re past that stage where we concern ourselves so much with other people’s opinions. No F’s given. Lol.

29. We don’t get pamasko anymore.
We’re now the ones who give pamasko to the little ones. From our own wallet. Ugh. Hang on, when was the last time we got aguinaldo from Ninong and Ninang?

30. We’re definitely called “Tita”
by a kid who’s an offspring of someone from our generation — a sibling, a friend, a co-worker. (“O, bless kay Tita.“) (“O, ba-bye kay Tita.“) The number of weddings, christenings, and children’s parties that we attend is steadily increasing. Wait. Is that the smell of pressure to settle down? Oh gawd, make it stop.


Don’t feel old yet? 🙂



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32 thoughts on “27+ Definitive Signs We’re All Becoming a Tita

  1. It’s just ironic how I used to laugh at my Ate when she started carrying around her “Tita bag”, when now that I am just 22 “Tita bag” na din gamit ko, hahah!

    PS. Don’t forget the habit of finally getting rid of those smallest of the smallest clutch bags and exchanging them for larger wallets when you go out! LOL. Great post!


  2. Grabe all true for me!!! This post is so accurate. Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I’m considered a “Tita”. The first time someone called me tita, I almost cried. Hahahhaa. But it actually is fun being a grown-up. You have control over everything in your life. HAHA. Awesome post, my dear! 🙂 Cheers!

    (Even my comment sounds sooo tita lol)


    1. And this why you’re truly a Tita! Haha! 🙂

      Glad you see the good in being a grownup. I agree with you! Yes, we now have more control over our life than before and that opens more opportunities for us! Although I still cringe at times when a kid calls me “Tita” and being an “adult” can be hard sometimes, the good overweighs the bad and I’m enjoying this stage in my life.

      Oops, tama na ang drama. Haha! Welcome sa kongregasyon! Beso beso 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. When I was best friends with a FIlipina person back in my hometown, I was actually “adopted” by her family and by her nieces and nephews. In a way, I became a Tita (aunt). I always wanted to learn the Tagalog language and my best friend’s family and real Tita’s and Tito’s wanted her to teach me but she complained I wouldn’t pick up on it as fast. I kind of proved her wrong when I took a Chinese class and passed with a B+. Sadly, her and I are no longer friends due to a guy (long story), but everything you’ve stated is definitely and 100% accurate.


  4. Hi there, stopping by haha.

    Here’s a “sad” family history about myself. I first became a tita at age 9 when my two of my cousins got married and had their first child. At age 36, I also became a lola (well, grandaunt) when one niece got married (very early) and had her first child. I’m only 39 now. Heaven forbid LOL.

    I think it’s because of my American upbringing where I don’t give an F about chismis. Either that or I’m just too ambitious to do so many things for me to care about chismis about other people, but whenever we catch up we friends, the bragging has become normal. Because my family and I left the Philippines at age 10, I can’t relate to all the loveteams bit because they don’t exist here in the U.S. Although, some of my American-born Pinay friends (who don’t know a single word of Tagalog by the way) are catching on the loveteams bit via TFC. They started watching when English subtitles came on hahahaha.

    I enjoyed this entry, by the way. Thank you for writing. 🙂


  5. Hello, Mailan! ❤

    I love this post! Haha nakakarelate ako from 2 to 7 plus sa iba pa which I can't remember anong numbers. I'm only 21 and yet tita feels na rin talaga ako. Haha, I love how accurate your post is! I always carry a big bag too, girl scout ang peg talagang kompleto sa lahat eno. Anyway, I hope you could check out my online business, @gorgeousglance on Instagram. I will be uploading new items later at 7pm! 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance
    Instagram: airishabella | gorgeousglance


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