2015 Year-end Review: Regrets, Lessons, Big Wins

2015 year-end review


2015 for me has been a year of breaking points, reflections, and grand life auditing. The first half was really B A D, which prompted me to jump into the Great Unknown and take a 3-monthish break from adulting, where I did a lot of thinking and changing. Then my life took a 360° from that and everything turned out G R E A T, which made me feel #baffled and #blessed at the same time.

There are regrets, yes, but I have achieved a decent number of things too and I have acquired some great wisdoms along the way! Despite everything, I still regard 2015 as a good year in my book. There’s still a lot to be thankful for. 🙂


2015 year-end review

Warning: Don’t copy these at home or anywhere.

1. I spat out negativity on people.
The first few months of 2015 were the hardest. I was angry and troubled (like a proper teen) and snapped at friends and students at the slightest detection of “stupidity.” I damaged my relationships with good people and broke the hearts of innocent children. I wish I handled my pains better.

2. I talked too soon.
There were grand issues and small matters of discussion that I unwisely gave my two cents on without having done proper research or practiced tact. I should have just kept my mouth shut the whole time and watched the scene. I’m working on that now.

3. I wasn’t sociable.
I’ve met a lot of new people in 2015. But instead of being warm and friendly, I shut everybody out my walls. I lost many opportunities to get to know them and have a deeper connection with each of them. I’m glad I made a turnaround after that. I rediscovered that I can actually be charming around people if I wanted to.

4. I didn’t read “success” books early.
I wish I did. For one, I could have survived many tricky human relationships and difficult people much, MUCH more gracefully. Another, I would have had a massively wiser outlook on life and a laser-sharp focus on my goals at an earlier age.

5. I broke my habit-building streaks.
There’s the 100-day watercolor painting challenge earlier this year which I dropped after the 30th day, and the 3-month weekly blogging goal which I disappointingly missed in the 12th week! U G H. I hope I’d do better next time.


2015 year-end review

Yep, I offer no explanations here. 🙂

1. When you have inner peace, no negativity can easily upset you.

2. When you found a place you can call home, fight for it.

3. When you’re fighting a losing battle, withdraw and regroup.

4. When you’re invited out of your comfort zone, give it a try.

5. When someone’s rude to you, show him/her class.

6. When a friendship becomes emotionally taxing, step back and walk away.

7. When you finally found something you can stand up for, no matter how “small,” stand proud and tall.


2015 year-end review

For New Year’s 2015, my two resolutions, which I totally forgot afterwards and was only reminded of by Timehop exactly a year after, were to do some things that would (1) surprise myself and (2) amaze myself.

I think I did a pretty good job on those in 2015. 🙂

My 10-minute play, which was a requirement for my Playwriting class in college, got restaged at UPLB.

I survived a wart removal surgery on my left sole that took ~2 months before full recovery. (TRIVIA: Six stitches!)

I won a fellowship at a national writers’ workshop. (89 applicants and only 11 got accepted!)

I went on an adulting break for 3+ months and came out with a zen heart.

I celebrated my birthday by myself at home without feeling a tad bit lonely. (Ah, the P E A C E ~ and 2 bottles of Vodka Mudshake.)

I launched a personal/advocacy blog and committing to it! (And doing the interviews that go with it OMG)

I am more sociable (and affectionate???) compared to before and made new friends. #BIGDEAL

I’m much closer to “perfecting” my Philippine Literature teaching strategies! (Eek!)

And many everyday, small victories that I can’t remember atm.


2015 year-end review

In November, I learned that my mom was diagnosed with diabetes. Thankfully, Mom only has this mild kind of diabetes that doesn’t require insulin shots yet. She takes some meds though and has to follow a very, VERY strict diet. You see, aside from being diabetic, Mom’s also rheumatic and acidic, so she can’t eat a hell LOT of food.

My mom, who’s a sweet tooth, has been eating bland food since her diagnosis, so when I handed her sugar-free chocolate and cookies on my New Year’s visit, she was delighted. She looked like she lost some more weight and she had even more gray hair. I thought her condition was getting worse and I was terrified.

It was, in fact, the contrary: Her blood sugar has gone down to normal. Mom’s been taking extra care of herself because, take this, she’s scared of the required insulin injections if her diabetes gets worse. She then told me that she may get cured if her condition improves consistently. YAY

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yep, that was my 2015.

How about you? How was your 2015?


2 thoughts on “2015 Year-end Review: Regrets, Lessons, Big Wins

  1. Ughhh I so badly want to do the same, but I might end up with more regrets than things to be thankful for. HAHA. I totally feel you on number 1, because I’ve been picking petty fights with my closest friends for the later half of the year. 😦 Uhm… I did a round up of “Things To Be Thankful For” and a list of “New Year’s Resolutions” though, which I really am committed to do but have yet to come up with an action plan for because I’m sick. 🙂 And also, I think we have to meet before my schedule goes crazy again. :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Wenah! Well, I’m going to make up for my regrets this 2016. I’m gonna pick up things from there. You should try that too and refuse to feel sorry about what happened. 🙂 Yep, we should totally meet with Kristel and the rest of the gang. PM-PM lang. 🙂


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